Top 7 cheapest countries to travel and explore

Cheapest countries

Top 7 cheapest countries to travel and explore in 2021. We all love traveling and exploring but traveling most of the time would be challenging as visiting many countries require a lot of money.

But no worries as we got the top 7 countries, which are cheap and budget-friendly to travel with your friends, family or with your loved ones. Today we are mainly focusing on affordable & budget-friendly travel for two persons. These budgets are collected from past travelers from their experience.

7) Romania

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Romania is one of the best tourist attractions and attracts many tourists with its wonderful & beautiful places like wooden churches of Maramures, Corvin Castle & merry cemetery. Romania has many fascinating castles and natural greenery that attracts many tourists.

Spending your vacation in Romania would be a great idea as it comes in our list of top 7 cheapest countries. So a trip to Romania for two people would cost at least lei 2,013 ( 485$ ). According to past traveler experience, you should spend at least Lei 144 ( 35$ ) per day.

Past travelers have spent, on average, Lei43 ( 10$ ) on meals and Lei33 ( 8.05$ ) on transportation for a single day. Also, the average price of a hotel in Romania is Lei95 ( 23$ ). So a trip to Romania would be more explorable, breathtaking, and budget-friendly.

6) Thailand

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It will be a dream for all of us to visit Thailand at least once in our lifetime. Thailand has beautiful beaches, Mountains, restaurants, wildlife, and temples. Thailand also comes in our list of Cheapest and affordable countries for tourists as it has varieties of beautiful places that attract many tourist people.

So a trip to Thailand would cost you around 14,658 Baht ( 468$ ) per week. Past travelers have spent around 190.28 Baht ( 5.98$ ) for meals and 131 Baht ( 4.16$ ) for local transportation every day. Also, the average hotel price in Thailand is 746 Baht ( 24$ ).

5) Vietnam


Most tourists who had visited Vietnam, are attracted to its natural greenery. Vietnam also attracts many people with its diverse culture and ancient history. A trip to Vietnam for two people would cost 270$ for one week. According to past travelers have spent d110,838 ( 4.82$ ) per day & transportation cost d245,635 ( 11$ ) per day. The average hotel price is d377,797 ( 16$ ).

4) Indonesia

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If you like ancient temples, Cultural diversity, Beautiful city, Affordable expenses,& Islands, then visiting Indonesia would be a memorable experience for a tourist. Indonesia has around 13,500 Islands along with cultural diversity, Landscapes & ancient temples. A trip to Indonesia for two people would cost you 256 $ for a week. Past travelers have spent RP75,231 (5.19$) for meals, and for transportation RP32,019 (2.21$). Also, the average cost of a hotel in Indonesia for two people is RP783,629 (54$).

3) Bolivia

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Bolivia is one of the highest and most remote countries o Earth. Bolivia has a multi-ethnic cultural experience, majestic natural landscapes, and extreme adventure. A trip to Bolivia for two people would cost $b1,608 ($233). Past travelers have spent $b38 ($5.46) on meals for one day and $b23 ($3.39) for local transportation. The average price of a hotel in Bolivia is $b73 ($11).

2) India

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 India is also known as Bharat, is a multicultural, multi-religious, diverse culture & vast in tradition. India has many tourist attraction places like the Taj Mahal, Gateway of India, Leh Ladakh & many more. A trip to India for two people would cost around13,693 rupees (185$). Past travelers have spent 265 rupees (3.58$) on meals & 160 rupees (2.16$) on local transportation.

1) Colombia

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Colombia is one of the most diverse and scientific destinations in South America. Colombia has greenery mountains, Beautiful beaches, Historic attractions & Vibrant culture. A trip to Colombia for one week would cost CO$676,054 ($179) for two people. Past travelers have spent CO$13,568 ($3.60) on meals & CO$8,684 ($2.30) for local transportation per day. The average hotel price in Colombia for a two-person is CO$32,385 ($8.58).

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