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Tourist attractions in China

What comes to your mind when you hear about China? Ancient temples, Diverse culture, Delicious foods, or Martial arts.

There is no doubt that China is considered one of the most developed countries in the world. The diversity of culture and incredible architecture of China make it a favorite tourist destination.

The size of China will enable you to explore the country endlessly as a tourist destination. Despite its vast size, China boasts several tourist attractions, from the Great Wall to Huangguoshu Waterfall. 

Although after a lot of development in China there are still many parts that have traditional architectures and lifestyles.

It is a place where visitors can learn about ancient China and the old traditional fighting (Martial arts), which is an iconic representation of fighting in most movies. 

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The great wall of China 

Great wall of China
Photo by William Olivieri on Unsplash

 The great wall of China is one of the biggest structures man-made ever created. It is 21,196 kilometers long and 15 meters tall.

It took more than 1800 years to complete the wall. There are some fortifications on the wall that date as far back as the 7th century BC.

In the east, the wall stretches from Hushan Mountain in Liaoning to Jiayuguan Pass in the west. There are ten provinces and cities along the wall, including Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, and Liaoning.

There is one of the famous facts about the Great Wall of China is it is visible from space. According to Nasa, the wall is not visible to the naked eye from space.

Most tourists visit the section of the Great Wall near Badaling Pass northwest of Beijing, which is easily reached by public transportation or through organized tours.  

Forbidden city 

Forbidden city
Photo by wong zihoo on Unsplash

The Forbidden City, which in Chinese is known as Gugong, was built in 1420 during the early Ming Dynasty. Besides being China’s best-preserved imperial palace, it is the world’s largest ancient palatial structure.

A display of traditional Chinese architecture is on display throughout the grand halls and walls. In 2020, the forbidden city celebrated its 600th anniversary, and exhibits from the ancient period were on display.

The exhibits were open for most visitors to explore and study about the forbidden city. A full day in the Forbidden City can be very tiring, but anyone truly interested in learning about it will probably make several trips there.

The Hongkong skyline

Hongkong SKyline
Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash

Hong Kong’s skyline boasts more than 1500 tall buildings, making it one of the world’s most impressive skylines.

There are more skyscrapers here than any other city in the world, making this one of the world’s most beautiful skylines.

Every new year’s eve, there is a spectacular light show to celebrate the new year. It is the world’s largest permanent light and sound show according to Guinness World Records.

If you are looking for the best panoramic view of Hong Kong, you must try visiting Victoria Peak. The view from Victoria peak is breathtaking and allows the visitors to get the best view of the city. 

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Tiananmen Square 

Tiananmen Square
Photo by Yang Yang on Unsplash

The Gate of Heavenly Peace Square, or Tiananmen Square, is among the biggest public squares in the world. The square is located in front of the Forbidden City and has several tourist attractions, including the Monument to the People’s Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China, and more.

The Tiananmen Square is a vast expanse of pavement, covering over 400,000 square meters and able to accommodate over 1 million people. 

In Tiananmen Square, there is also the tradition of raising and lowering the flags at sunrise and sunset, along with the changing of the guards at different times throughout the day. 

During the summer, it can be quite hot to explore the square, so remember to wear a hat and apply sunscreen.

The Bund 

The Bund
Photo by Edward He on Unsplash

Bund or Waitan is a waterfront area in the center of Shanghai and a protected historical district. The river meets the skyscrapers of the modern Pudong district which gives a beautiful view of the skyline.

 The Bund features a large number of buildings built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in a western style. One of the most famous symbols of the Bund is the Customs House, which features an impressive clock tower named BigChing.

Although there are many cruise tours available in the Huangpu River. Visitors can check and book the cruise tour according to their budget. A classic cruise of 50 minutes is currently the most popular one. 

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Shichahai ice skating stadium 

Shichahai ice stadium
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There is no better place to visit for those who love skating since it provides winter activities for locals and tourists alike in the city. You can rent skates, sleighs, ice bikes, and ice chairs here. 

Many visitors, especially children, enjoy the ice slide which has a height of 5.5 meters. Visitor preference has shifted towards ice boots from ice carts in recent years. Those who enjoy skating should consider visiting the Shichahai ice stadium at least once. 

Nanjing road  

Nanjing road
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Nanjing Road is located in Shanghai, China is one of the busiest shopping roads in the world. There are two sections of the Shanghai Nanjing Road, East Nanjing Road, and West Nanjing Road, separated by the Middle Tibet Road.

This road is 5.5km long and more than 1 million visitors explore this busy street in China. The street offers both traditional and modern influences from China.

Now the street is filled with many modern and branded stores like hotels, malls, and theatres. The Nanjing Road has several century-old traditional food stores to visit.

Experience the old-style Dangdang tram, which runs between 8:30 and 22:00. During the night, Nanjing road is filled with beautifully lit up billboards and is brightly illuminated. 

Yu Garden 

Yu garden
Photo by Vista Wei on Unsplash

Yu Garden is a large Chinese garden located next to City God Temple northeast of Shanghai’s Old City. It was designed as a space for the merging of poetry and landscape in the Old City.

 An artificial lake lies outside the garden’s entrance, atop which is the Huxinting teahouse, which appears to float. Visitors will find lots of different kinds of Stone in Yu Garden. Exquisite Jade Rock is one of the famous rocks in Shanghai

In Yu Garden, you will find six scenic areas: Sansui Hall, Wanhua Chamber, Dianchun Hall, Huijing Hall, Yuhua Hall, and Inner Garden. It is the perfect place to get a sense of ancient China, as portrayed in movies and books. 

Oriental pearl tower 

Oriental pearl tower
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Oriental Pearl Tower is located in Pudong Park in Lujiazui, Shanghai is the world’s 6th and china’s 2nd tallest tv and radio tower.

It is 468 meters tall and its unique architecture makes it a beautiful tower. This incredible structure rests on lush grassland and gives the appearance of pearls shining on a jade plate.

There is no shortage of things to do in the various spheres and columns. There are so many activities in the tower that visitors are sure to be delighted.

The lower sphere houses an impressive sightseeing hall and a futuristic space city. There are twenty-five elegant bedrooms and lounges inside the five smaller spheres.

The pearl at the very top has shops, restaurants (including a rotating restaurant), and a sightseeing floor. 

Longji rice terrace 

Longji rice terrace

In Chinese, Longji means dragon backbone so Longji rice terrace means Dragons backbone rice terrace is located at Longsheng County, Guilin. In Longsheng Rice Terraces, there are three separate rice terrace spots: Jinkeng Red Yao Terraced Fields Spot, Ping’an Zhuang Terraced Fields Spot, and Longji Old Village Cultural Terraced Fields Spot.

The first two spots make up the most beautiful part of Longsheng Rice Terraces. 

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